Which camera for wedding photography?

It is also known as the supreme discipline of photography: wedding photography. Those who are familiar with this topic know that it is a very special type of photography and that it thrives on authentic, unique moments. Because this is about catching this very special day in the life of two people and not missing any key event, there is a certain pressure on wedding photographers. So that nothing goes wrong on the big day, wedding photographers should be particularly well prepared and this includes the right equipment. You can read here which cameras experienced wedding photographers rely on and what you should consider when making your personal choice:
The egg-laying woolly milk sow
The title already reveals it: the perfect camera for wedding photography is still an abstract dream for many. Ideally, it should be light, handy and discreet in appearance, have a long battery life and have a low-noise full-frame sensor and a good and precise autofocus system.

In reality, however, it is difficult to find a camera that meets all of these criteria. Every company and model naturally has its own strengths, but also weak points. The range of cameras recommended by wedding photographers ranges from classy Hasselblad cameras to brands such as Nikon or Canon.
SLR or system camera?
A fundamental question when choosing a camera is first of all whether it has to be a single lens reflex camera or perhaps a system camera is sufficient for the photos at the wedding. This has the advantage of being discreet, handy and light. In addition, system cameras are usually cheaper than SLRs. In general, system cameras are an option for wedding photography, but the camera of choice should be robust and contain a low-noise sensor.

Even if there are really good system cameras, professional wedding photographers definitely rely on SLR cameras for optimal image quality. If you are not a professional in the field yourself, but want to accompany the wedding of a family member, a friend or a girlfriend as a hobby photographer, the best camera is often the one that is at hand. Because regardless of whether it is a single lens reflex or a system camera, a good photographer also takes good photos. You will find suitable camera bags and protectors for your camera here.
It should definitely be full format
For the professionals among wedding photographers who can invest a little more in their equipment for better photos, a full-frame camera is simply part of it. Because lighting conditions can become a problem in the authentic setting of a wedding. Especially in the church or at the registry office, photography with flash is often undesirable or inappropriate, as it disrupts the ceremony. If you have to do without the flash, you need a light-sensitive photosensor in order to still be able to take sharp and good pictures.

You can increase the lack of light sensitivity in other cameras by increasing their IOS, but there is a lot of noise here. The full-frame camera with its higher light sensitivity is the camera of choice here.
Nice couple
Whether the battery runs out at exactly the wrong moment, the memory card is full or another breakdown occurs, the show must go on. The nightmare of all wedding photographers is to miss the most beautiful kiss or the special look of the day. To be on the safe side, many wedding photographers have two cameras with them.

Another advantage of the double equipment is that changing between two cameras that you have at hand at the same time may be easier than changing lenses on just one camera. Especially when the wedding takes place in a special location such as on the beach or in a natural setting in which you don't want to constantly rebuild the camera and risk sand or dust in the housing.

If you use two cameras for your wedding photos, you are well advised to use the same model twice or at least two cameras from the same company. Even if it is tempting to use different cameras, each with their own strengths, it is simply more practical not to have to rethink every time you change cameras. You will find matching camera bags to store multiple cameras in a stylish and safe way here.
What is needed in addition to the right camera
In addition to the right camera or the right pair of cameras, there are also a few pieces of equipment that are essential for a good wedding photographer. For your own appearance, the outfit at the wedding is of course very important, there is more read more here. Wedding photographers should also find a belt system that is as comfortable as it is elegant so that the heavy cameras do not hit the bones during the many hours on their feet.

When it comes to camera accessories, the first thing to think about is extra memory cards. Better one more than one too few is the motto here and they should each have a capacity of 16 to 32 GB. The small, handy cards fit in any trouser or shirt pocket and are indispensable for the many pictures of this day and especially for storage space-intensive RAW formats.

A couple of lenses are also part of the basic equipment of a wedding photographer. For example, there is the wide-angle lens, which is worth its weight in gold for group pictures as well as dynamic pictures at the party or for pictures of the location. In addition, a fast telephoto lens should definitely be included so that the photographer can capture intimate moments of the bride and groom or family from a discreet distance without changing or disturbing them through his presence.

Even if, as mentioned, taking photos with flash is impossible in some moments of the wedding (such as in the church or in the registry office), it is good to have a good clip-on flash and reflectors with you at the wedding. This allows portraits to be perfectly staged. These companions also help in poor lighting conditions and indoors.


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