You will find an overview of the Oberwerth leather types below. 

Classic leather

The vegetable-tanned, full-grain cowhide leather has a unique feel. It is through-dyed and alive. The leather is pure nature and has a unique charisma. Over time, it develops a very personal patina. Suitable for all bags and straps of the Classic Line from Oberwerth.


Casual leather

A milled, full-grain cowhide with unique tanning. Natural unevenness and grain injuries as well as the velvety soft feel and lively charisma make this leather unique.


Light Line - Smooth leather

A soft and supple semi-aniline cowhide leather, which gets its soft feel through repeated fine processing. It represents a wonderful combination of natural pure aniline and pigmented leather with a stronger colour top layer achieved by barrel dyeing. It is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Its skin pores are still slightly visible and the leather can still breathe. Slight irregular grain shows the naturalness of the leather. It flatters the hands, is soft and grippy at the same time and yet provides a certain protection against stains and liquids.


Hydrophobated leather



In the past, leather was protected against water by grease. In addition, a chemical impregnation was applied before first use. The hydrophobic leather, on the other hand, is treated during the tanning process in such a way that it is naturally water-resistant for a long time.