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Leica SL3

Enhance your Leica SL3 with Oberwerth's exclusive bags & accessories!

Discover Oberwerth's hand-picked selection of high-quality bags and accessories, specially designed for the new Leica SL3 camera. Our products combine style, functionality and first-class protection for your equipment.

From elegant shoulder bags to practical backpacks, our collection has the right accessory for every photographer. Each piece is handcrafted from the finest materials and features thoughtful details to meet the needs of professional photographers.

Leica SL3 camera bags

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our exclusive camera bag collection, which impresses with breathtaking designs and innovative functions. Here you will not only experience a pure selection of bags, but a veritable oasis of sophistication and luxury.

Our carefully selected bags, made from the highest quality materials, not only offer exquisite protection for your valuable photographic equipment, but also embody a sophisticated interplay of elegance, functionality and ultimate convenience.

Tremendous care has been put into every detail of our high-quality bags to ensure that your camera and lenses are protected from the challenges of everyday life. The luxurious interior creates a soft and protected environment for your equipment, while the clever design ensures that everything stays organized and easily accessible - no matter where your photographic adventures take you.

Leica SL3 camera bags

Whether you need an elegant shoulder bag for spontaneous photo tours in the city or a spacious backpack for extended explorations of nature, we have the perfect model for every need. Each of our bags has been designed with an unparalleled attention to detail and a timeless style that perfectly reflects your personality and taste.

Our camera bags are not just a simple accessory, but a true statement of your individuality and passion for photography. With their appealing designs and premium materials, they are the ultimate companion for discerning photographers who place the highest value on quality and aesthetics.

Discover our extended range of camera bags for the Leica SL3 today and find the perfect bag to transport your equipment safely, stylishly and with unrivaled elegance.

Oberwerth SL Bags®

Elegant and safe


Bags and accessories for your Leica SL3 - handmade and perfectly padded to meet your needs!

Highest quality

We use only the finest leather and the finest materials to meet your requirements.

Customer service

We are happy to assist you Monday to Friday at the times listed below - we look forward to hearing from you!

Secure payment

Choose between various payment methods with the highest security standards at check-out.

What makes the difference?

Leather types

Whether it's the sporty Casual Line with its robust but soft leather or the water-repellent Hydro Line with its beautiful lotus effect, our leather is always of the highest quality and impresses with its unique naturalness.

You can find out more about the individual types of leather here.



Oberwerth bags last a lifetime - guaranteed! We stand by our quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

Benefit now from our lifetime guarantee on all Oberwerth bags and register your bag today: Product registration

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The top loader from the Casual Line - perfectly matched to your Leica SL3!

Handmade from fine leather, George impresses with its compact size and ideal interior design as well as good padding to provide optimum protection for your camera.