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Article: The 10 best Instagram-worthy destinations for photographers

Die 10 besten Instagram-geeigneten Reiseziele für Fotografen

The 10 best Instagram-worthy destinations for photographers

Azure water on white sandy beach. Ancient Far Eastern temples overgrown with vegetation. Endless expanses of blooming lavender. Red sandstone deserts. Magical caves. Imposing waterfalls. These and similar motifs keep popping up on Instagram. They are part of a trend that makes you want to go on vacation.

The trend has a name: Travel Aesthetic. It includes everything that is beautiful, exotic and far away. As is the case in the age of social media, trends don't last long. What is considered chic and trendy today can be out in two weeks. But on Instagram, there are certain lands and countries that are particularly high on the radar of photographers and budding travel aestetics. Get inspired by these photogenic destinations and plan your next Instagrammable photo tour.

Popular Instagram photo spots

The best places for Instagram photos showcase stunning nature, powerful waterfalls, bright colors, and interesting people. All of these are quite common to find. Therefore, which places are really the best Instagrammable spots is always subjective. Therefore, this selection is versatile. You've probably seen some of these places on Instagram yourself.

Peru: Machu Picchu

The biggest challenge at Machu Picchu is probably photographing the ancient Inca city without people. Why not try taking some interesting detail shots here? If you have the chance, it is best to take pictures in the morning or evening hours. The light in the high Andes is clear and allows spectacular pictures. All this compensates for the long, arduous journey to an altitude of 2,400 meters.

Greece: Santorini

Among the Instagram-worthy destinations is the archipelago of Santorini in the Greek Aegean Sea. The volcanic caldera of the ancient main island of Thera invites photo ops these days, especially in the northern town of Oia, with its white houses and blue roofs. The sunsets of Oia are legendary. Just find an interesting spot on the cliff or visit the excavation area of Old Thera.

Norway: Lofoten

Lofoten, the archipelago in northern Norway, is home to countless Instagram photo spots, especially from the air. A drone is the best way to capture the small red houses in the fjords against a majestic mountain backdrop. The ideal time here is the blue hour just after sunset. If you are lucky, you can even photograph the Aurora Borealis, the famous northern lights, in front of this spectacular landscape.

Turkey: Cappadocia

With its bizarre rock formations, Cappadocia looks like something from another world. Balloon rides are very popular in this area, which in turn makes Cappadocia an attractive Instagrammable spot. The best thing to do is to climb into a balloon yourself. That way, you'll be able to take photographs of sunsets that will cause a stir on Instagram. But even if you don't want to soar to dizzying heights, you'll find photogenic destinations on the ground.

Cambodia: Angkor Wat

The temple complex of Angkor Wat is not only the largest in the world, but beyond that, it's one of the best places for Instagram photos. The complex exerts a special attraction on people mainly due to its interaction with nature. The stone achievements of the Khmer people are reclaimed by the jungle in an impressive way. In front of the monuments of Cambodian history, even great sunsets become even more spectacular.

Italy: Cascata del Ponale

To reach the Instagram photo spot Cascata del Ponale near Lake Garda in northern Italy, you'll need a kayak and a sense of adventure. The waterfall is hidden in a grotto, which can be reached only through a crevice on the waterway. Nearby is an interesting lost place, the former hotel "Haus zur Forelle". The whole of Lake Garda does not skimp on photogenic destinations.

Mongolia: Mongolian Steppe

If you're drawn to Instagram photo spots without a lot of tourist crowds, you should fly to Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia. From there, you'll head to the Mongolian steppe by off-road vehicle. Here, it's not just the vast, unspoiled landscape that makes the area one of the best places for Instagram photos. Above all, it's the nomadic tent camps with their inhabitants and their culture that you can capture here for your Instagram portfolio.

Canada: Banff National Park

Banff National Park in southwestern Canada has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. With its bright blue mountain lakes, glaciers, mountains and forests in the Rocky Mountains, the park is one of the best places for Instagram photos. Mount Khafre is certainly one of the most photographed Instagram photo spots. But in the sprawling park, you'll also discover subjects that no one before you may have seen before.

Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni

Particularly rich in Instagram-worthy destinations is the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert on Earth. To reach the parched lake, you'll need to climb the Bolivian altiplano, which sits at 3,650 meters above sea level. After a rain, the Salar turns into the largest natural mirror in the world. Take advantage of the endless horizon for perspective shots, and be sure to visit the railroad cemetery at Uyumi.

Australia: Great Barrier Reef

You'll probably find the most Instagrammable spots underwater on the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's northeast coast. In the world's largest coral reef system, you'll find a stunning underwater world of fish and coral in dazzling colors. You will hardly be able to avoid tourists or other underwater photographers. However, with sustainable tourism, you can help preserve the fragile ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef.

General tips on popular Instagrammable spots.

Some photogenic destinations that have made it to trend on Instagram share a sad fate. Once pristine or seldom-visited nature has been briefly overrun by tourists, who often haven't left everything as they found it. In remote places, garbage is just not disposed of regularly.

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Certainly you move responsibly in nature and do not put yourself unnecessarily in danger. Nevertheless, you should be aware that prohibition signs have their justification. Locals know the area better than you do. Just ask for hints, rules and insider tips. This way, you might even learn interesting stories and anecdotes beyond that, which you can use to describe your photographs on Instagram in a multi-layered and profound way.

One last tip: Don't give away exact GPS data. After all, you had so much fun searching for and discovering your Instagram-worthy destinations, and you certainly don't want to take that away from others!

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