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Article: The best unknown places for photographers in Prague

Die besten unbekannten Orte für Fotografen in Prag

The best unknown places for photographers in Prague

Prague is always worth a trip. The time-honored capital of the Czech Republic is a hotspot for tourism and is home to many popular attractions. But what is there to discover besides the classic sightseeing highlights of the Golden City and off the beaten track? The following article will take you to more unknown places and hidden spots in Prague, which are an interesting alternative to the typical photography of the city views. Grab your camera and discover a completely different Prague.

Žižkov Goods Station

East of the city center in District 3 lies the former working-class neighborhood of Žižkov. As an industrial suburb, the district enjoyed a bad reputation for a long time and many buildings looked quite run-down. Gradually, the image changed, several buildings were renovated and today Žižkov is once again a lively place with the most trendy bars in the entire city. However, the district is still considered to be disreputable and rough, which deters the large swarms of tourists. Interest is focused on a very special cultural monument in the north of the New Jewish Cemetery: the old freight station. In the area of Jan Želivský Street at the corner of Malešická stretches a large area, which until 2010 served as a railroad junction for the transshipment of goods.

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The former industrial area exudes a morbid fascination and has already served as a backdrop for Hollywood films. Several building ensembles, tracks, ramps, warehouses and administrative buildings are listed as historic monuments. The special charm and attraction of such destinations always offers unique motifs for photography.

Petřín lookout tower and surroundings

In the Lesser Town district lies Petřín Park with the hill of the same name, on which an impressive steel truss structure rises more than 58 meters into the sky. The Petřín observation tower was built in 1891 on the model of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on the occasion of the World's Fair. With its top, the tower is just as high above sea level as its famous counterpart in the French capital. Walking up to the hill already provides numerous photo opportunities and, surprisingly, the huge park is usually not so crowded. It's 299 steps up a spiral staircase to the viewing platform of the 175-ton steel colossus. Alternatively, an elevator is available, but it is not always in operation. Once at the top, the fantastic view over the whole of Prague and large parts of Bohemia compensates, especially in clear weather. Tip: The entire surroundings of Petřín are ideal for an exploration tour with the camera. Southwest of the hill is the Strahov Football Stadium. Built in 1926 and long since aging, the venue once held up to 250,000 spectators and was considered the largest stadium in the world. At some point, there are usually entrances and opportunities to take unique photos.

Divoká Šárka

Not far from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town, the Divoká Šárka Protected Landscape Area reveals a beautiful valley with magical forests, gorges, wild rocks and beautiful waters. The Wild Šárka is located only about 20 minutes by streetcar northwest of the center and is a paradise for all facets of nature photography. This unique recreational area is especially popular with locals. During the summer months, two swimming pools open their doors here and there are several opportunities for sports or other recreational activities. The hiking trails and winding paths allow you to explore the true treasures of this natural jewel. More than 60 different species of birds and impressive fauna characterize the reserve crossed by the 20-kilometer-long Litovicky stream. Experience picturesque views and unforgettable vistas such as the rock formation of the "Maiden's Leap", primeval forests or enchanted cherry orchards.

Hidden vineyards in the fashionable Vinohrady district

In the southeast of the center lies the fashionable Vinohrady district, which until 1922 was an independent city with more than 50,000 inhabitants. It was mainly well-heeled citizens who settled here, and even today the streets are characterized by magnificent house facades from the Art Deco period and many parks. Vinohrady is a district of middle-class Prague with numerous trendy restaurants, cafés, nightclubs and beer gardens. The neo-Gothic sacred building of the Basilica of St. Ludmilla on Peace Square dominates the panorama of the Vltava metropolis. An absolute insider's tip among the hidden places of the Czech capital, however, is the Havlíčkovy sady park, called only Grébovka by the locals after a villa of the same name located in the hills and the adjacent vineyards. The extensive park in the style of the Italian Renaissance with the many statues, fountains, ponds and the artificial cave formation "Grotta" completed in 1888 already shows great perspectives, but Grébovka offers even more. Few travelers know that Prague is home to several vineyards. On the eastern edge of the park, walk up the terraced steps to the small Grébovka winery, which is only open on Friday afternoons. Besides enjoying a fine drop, relax here with one of the best views over the Golden City.

Art, street art and other unusual spots

Art history awaits visitors on almost every street corner. Somewhat obscure but extremely impressive is the Dripstone Wall in the gardens of Wallenstein Palace. From a distance, the huge man-made wall looks like a dripstone wall of stalactites, and only a closer look reveals the numerous faces, mythical creatures, creepy figures and grotesque scenery. Another cult object is the John Lennon Wall near the French Embassy. The graffiti wall already existed at the time of communist rule and once it was supposed to commemorate the death of the famous Beatles founder, gradually many other slogans or tags were created. In a side street of Wenceslas Square is the Lucerna Passage. A visit to the shopping mall with a cinema doesn't sound very interesting at first, but as soon as you enter the passage, the 1920s come back to life. Nostalgia and charm as if from another time and in the stylish café on the second floor the memories are literally tangible. Hanging from one ceiling is the iconic monument by Czech sculptor David Czernys, whose works can be found throughout the city. Saint Wenceslas sits on the belly of the horse suspended by its hooves with its tongue sticking out.

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The traditional quarter of the street art movement is Žižkov, but many things are currently in transition and new exhibition spaces are being created for the artists. Enough impressions can still be captured during an exploration tour. An admittedly really unusual spot is the Olšany Cemetery, but it not only tells a lot about the eventful past of the Czech capital, but there are also hundreds of art-historical statues, busts and monuments here. Medieval flair and a perfect movie backdrop is offered by Thunovska Street. Probably the most beautiful street in the city, it is located directly to the west of the Parliament building and makes for a great photo opportunity. No matter to which hidden places your way through Prague takes you, protect your camera with the exclusive leather bags from Oberwerth. The wide range of high-quality camera bags in stylish design and best craftsmanship convinces not only by the selection of first-class materials, but also by a robust functionality. Oberwerth camera bags, equipment for photography and other accessories will accompany you for a lifetime.

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